Effective Marketing In A Digital World

Trevor Package, Tue 13th, Apr 2021, 19:43


Urghhhhhh…. Not exactly.

It is not the same thing.

  • There is Traditional Marketing and there is Endorsed Marketing;
  • There is Traditional Advertising and there is Endorsed Advertising;
  • There is Virtual Advertising and there is Endorsed Virtual Advertising;
  • There is Digital Marketing and there is Endorsed Digital Marketing;
  • There is Social Media Marketing and there is Endorsed Social Media Marketing;

No! It is not a one-size fit all plan;

Every client is different;

No two needs are the same;

Our way is different;

We will treat each customer exactly like a King. A king gets what the king wants.


Best Practices?

Yes! Of course!

But Nooooo! Not This Time!

We want to make it worth every penny, For YOU.

  • We will work with each client differently;
  •  Account managers dedicated to each client to understand everything that pertains to their business:
  1.  Characteristics of the Products / Services
  2. The Target Clients;
  3.  The Business Process;
  4. The Challenges Faced So Far;
  5. Sales Targets

Approach the exact clients they want. Making sure to approach each client in his/her comfort zone.

Not disruptively but delicately effective to speak to them in just the way they will respond.

Identify their needs and voila!

Create a link of two people who needed to meet each other…


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