Digital Marketing - How The Most Innovative Idea From Cameroon in 2020 Came to Life.

Trevor Package, Mon 12th, Apr 2021, 13:43

The Story

The drive was peaceful. I was alone in the car and the ideas popped into my mind really quick but quite methodically. It was like someone was telling me what to do and was urging me to listen attentively to apprehend everything:

  • Create a platform;
  • Meet with the founders of companies;
  • Ask them why they created their companies;
  • Spend some time walking in their shoes and understanding their business;

               - Production process and cycle…

               - Looking at the products…

                - Meeting the team…

  • Do a write-up of the company;
  • Take pictures and videos of the business;
  • Ask a critic to analyze their products and services and rate them;
  • Use the platform created to connect with their target clients;
  • Endorse the Brand!!!

It played like movie for me. I got to our family home and rushed to meet up with my sister-in-law. She was studying for some medical exams. I told her I had a new business idea and she eagerly asked to hear all about it. 

"So you know how I believe in entrepreneurship right?" I began.

"Yes!" She replied.

"What if I created a platform, a virtual platform" I revealed.

"Ok..." She replied with the most intent look, urging me to keep talking.

"Soooooo, this platform will work with great brands. To promote specific products and services on all digital platforms available in Cameroon.  I will use social media, SMS, and email marketing and all the communication will come from a name called - ENDORSED. It will be the platform people will go to find out about quality products and services because of the consistency of quality brands we push. We will be known to be honest and reliable with all the content we push out. I will get people who are experts in various domains to serve as the Critics’ Board. They will review the companies to ensure they are who they say they are and their products and services are as good as my pitch says they are and I will pay them for each client each time. Basically endorsed will be like a mark of authenticity" I beamed like a light bulb as I finished my pitch to Lee. 


"Wow! That is a genius idea Sammy.



"I do not know how you came up with that but it sounds very authentic and I am certain you can get it off the ground"


As I walked away she roared “ENDORSED!


I grinned with bliss as I heard her say the word with such vivacity.


Sometimes ideas come to you in the spur of the moment. Sometimes they are destined to thrive and other times they aren’t.


“I want to use this platform to give all good brands a chance to connect with their target market and increase sales revenue.” I thought to myself.


                          Endorsed - The Brand Promoter